rachel_hall Rachel’s fascination with the human body began early in her life. In 1999 she attended the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing in West Los Angeles where she studied massage. She then took her research on the road and traveled through Thailand, India, Indonesia, and Nepal soaking in as much as she could about eastern healing and massage techniques. In 2004 Rachel traveled from Thailand to Kauai to study the Rolf Method of Structural Integration with Emmitt Hutchins. She spent the following year in Boulder CO studying with Peter Melchior. These men were Ida Rolf’s devoted students and were hand chosen by her to carry on her teachings. Rachel returned to Los Angeles in 2005 and opened the doors of Fluid Bodies, Tools for a Fluid Life. While taking hundreds of people through the traditional ten series of Rolfing, Rachel continued her own practice of integration and furthering her knowledge of the body, mind, and spirit. Rachel has a degree in Human Development and is currently a student at UCLA’s Semel Institute for Mindful Awareness. Some of her other teachers have been Jack Kornfield, Mark Coleman (meditation), Paula Tursi, Tanya wheeler (Yoga), Gabrielle Roth, Vinn Marti, and Michael Skelton (Conscious Dance). Rachel has a deep love and respect for human growth and the possibility of change. Holding space for that change to take place is one of her greatest passions. Rachel works deeply, with presence and respect to the process of unwinding tissue, and the sometime delicate nature involved with that. When Rachel is not working with clients she is busy being a mom to her daughter, she is a committed student of academia, has an active reflective and meditation practice, and spends her free time creating art in the medium of clay. Rachel sees clients in her office in Sierra Madre, CA.